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Alone Again

Written by: Joel
Inspiration: Cause I'm always left alone...
Date: Febuary 2002
Song #: 4

I need some time alone
to think about this thing
why is the one that fucks up
always seem to be me?

It really never seems fair
I'm always left alone
this always happens to me
fuck this, I'm going home


And now I'm sitting here
pretending nothings wrong
but will most likely end up
writing a stupid song

With my luck it will suck
and belong down the drain
I don't know what went wrong
I'm always left in pain

But who's to know
things may change
when will I pass
from this rage?
but I'll go out
with this one girl
and she will be
out of this world
and we'll be fine
just us two
and then you'll see
I'll forget you