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Written by: Joel
Inspiration: It just came to me one day
Date: December 2001
Song #: 3

I have a friend and his name's Tim
his life's not going very well
'cause everyday he goes home to
a broken home in which he dwells

His folks aren't what you'd call ideal
his sibilings are little pricks
his mom's a bitch, the house a wreck
his dad's a cocky little shit

But there's a lot I see in Tim
for putting up with all the shit
if it were any other dude
they'd prob'ly break at the first hit

I don't know why he keeps it in
he keeps his cool like nothing's wrong
If he continues to keep shut
he wont be living very long


Oh what the hell makes people act
like they are some big tough ass shit
the candle of my friend Tim's life
will soon be one no longer lit

For his dad's drunk, his mom is gon
the dick has no one to beat on
then suddenly he sees Tim's door
he knocked Tim down onto the floor

Now his mom's standing at his grave
realizing things she should've gave
but it's too late, cause Tim's now dead
he took a strong blow to the head

A lesson there is here to learn
so learn it now, or lose your turn
in the game of life Tim once played
why did it have to be this way?