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Written by: Joel
Inspiration: A girl I asked out in 9th grade, and turned me down
Date: November 2001
Song #: 2

You're always on my mind
give me a little time
to say somethings to you
I promise there are few

I know I'm not perfect
you know that I'm not slick
but this one song to you
comes from the heart, it's true

That day when we first met
I thought it was all set
but then of course I failed
the love boat did not sail

I fucked up lots of times
said stupid pick-up lines
damn my life really sucks
I have such shitty luck

But of course, I'd fuck it up
I wont know how to act
and these things do not work
my girlfriends never last
but if you let me try
a promise I will make
I would not ever lie
please let's go on a date


So now you've heard my story
I know it's long and boring
but thanks for taking time
to read this stupid rhyme

But inside I'm real nice
Hope you this will entice
you and me could be one
and it would be real fun

For you, I'd do anything
and in mind, it's you I see
now, and every other day
that's all I really have to say

So now I end my stupid song
about how things always go wrong
Perhaps someday I'll get my wish
but 'till then, I'll just wine and bitch