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How *THE GOODFELLAS* came to be:

Well, the story is actually pretty simple. About two years ago, a moron, named Joel, met another moron like himself, named Bryon. They didn't talk much at first, but once they did, they saw that they had similar interests. They were both into blink 182's old stuff, and they both wasted their time skateboarding. One day, these two numbnuts decided they wanted to start a band someday, but only as a joke. Little did they know that the damn thing would actually come to be two years later.

Anywho, two years later, Joel joined a band with two other friends. Though he didn't own any instrument, his friend would let him borrow his bass to play for the band, but that band didn't last long for stupid reasons. So a few weeks later, Joel and Bryon decided that they would finally start the band that they've wanted since 8th grade. Bryon had already been playing guitar for a while, and Joel had developed some bass skills while playing with his previous band. The problem was, Joel didn't have a bass, and he had no money to buy one. No worries though, Bryon asked his floks for a bass for Christmas, and sure enogh he got one. So now that that problem was settled, all they needed was a drummer. At first, one of their friends was supposed to buy a drum set, and learn how to play them, but he never got around to doing it. Then one day, a guy named Arthur came into the picture. Arthur was already a good friend of Joel and Bryon, but he never mentioned that he played drums. So Joel kept rambling and bitching one day at lunch about how the band needed a drummer, and Arthur overheard him and told him, that he played.

So there we go, we had three losers with nothing to do, but make a bunch of racket in a garage. At first the band got together and played at Bryon's crib, but they were soon kicked out after the tight space they played in was taken over by some old junk. So Bryon did some talking with his folks and they agreed to let him bring his dad's amp to Joel's house so that they could practice. Sure enough, almost everyday, they would practice, but later on, Arthur got a job, and wasn't able to practice everyday. One day led to two, and so on and so forth, next thing you know it, Arthur was rarely able to show. After giving Arthur some chances, Bryon and Joel decided that having a drummer that never came, was the same as not having one at all, so he was givin the boot.

Now we are here, we couldn't find another drummer, so Arthur's back. Oh and another member had been added to the band. Bryon's brother Glen came to every practice, and Joel began to bitch and moan that he wanted to quit the bass and play guitar. So it was agreed that Glen would join the band as the new bass player. So here we are, Joel on guitar and torturing the audience that is the neighbors with his vocals, Bryon on another guitar and killing innocent animals with his vocals, and Glen on the bass.

The Band:

Joel Gomez ----Guitar/Vocals
Bryon Taylor---Guitar/Vocals

Glen Taylor----Bass
Arthur Valdez--Drums

Helpers along the way:

Sauly Gomez: Joel's sister, offers transportation for the band and all the equipment, and bought Joel a guitar for his birthday.

Danny Hernandez: Let's us borrow what ever shit Bryon forgets to bring, and comes over to offer a helping hand in tuning the stuff.

Joel's Parents: They let us practice up to whatever time we feel like, and never complain about all the noise, and bought Joel an amp for his birthday.

Bryon's Dad: He's kind enough to let us use his amp.

Bryon's Mom: She's kind enough to give Bryon a ride down to Joel's place to practice, and she lets us borrow the mic, mic stand, and mic amp.

Krista Taylor: Bryon's sister. She's nice enough to give Bryon a ride when his mom's not around.

We'd like to thank all these people for all their efforts and help, we may suck, but at least you support us.