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Hey and welcome to thegoodfelas.cjb.net, home of *THE GOODFELLAS*

Hey everyone, great news, not like anyone still visits this site, but we finally got our new band started!!! We're called APPOMATTIX, or APMX for short. Click here to go to the new site, if not it's www.appomattix.tk, we should have downloads up someday, and there's info on shows, so come check us out, we're a lot better than before.

***He he he*** Hey look, an update. Well we're coming back with a new drummer, a new style, and a new name, we'll be back on our feet in no time. Till then, check out this local band Puthetik, they're really good and I think you guys would like em.

These songs are on their four demo cd:

Every Girl I Meet
School Wood
Fight the Screw Up

GOODBYE!!! Sorry everyone, but the band has finally come to an end. We have no drummer, and everyone just seesms to be too busy to get together to play. There will be no more further updates, news or anything, it's done and over.

I'd like to thank everyone who really supported us and encouraged us to keep playing, Thank you so much for your support, it really meant a lot.


©Joel Gomez 2002