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Precious Moments

Written by: Joel
Inspiration: My 8th grade girlfriend

Date: November 2001
Song #: 1

Sitting in my room late one night
looking back at those good old times
those precious moments that I shared with you
they seemed like much, but were really few

I noticed that I never did my part
never really listened to my heart
and now I'm sitting here deep sorrow
I know you'll look beauti-ful tomorrow

And now I've killed my chance
and wasted your time
I only took a glance
when you were so kind
I fucked up really bad
please let me try again
I always screw things up
now we're not even friends

But that was long ago, I was afraid
I never really knew the words to say
I really wish that I had known you better
I should've took the time to write a letter

We could've been something, who's to say
or maybe it's just better off this way
but there is one thing for sure I will miss
that special day when we first kissed