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To anyone interested in being our new drummer:

The band has three people in it at the moment:

Joel - 15
Bryon - 15
Glen - 17

We consider ourselves to be punk rock, and we already have quite a bit of original songs/music.

Our musical influences include: Mest, The Ataris, MXPX, and so forth.

All we ask from a drummer, is that you have your own set, and that you can get a ride down to Joel's garage, which is in north Rialto close to Kolb Middle School.

There is an unused room in the house where we store all the equipment, so if you don't feel like having to take apart your shit all the time and loading it on and off a car, you're welcome to store it with the rest of the stuff.

If you have any questions on anything, please call or email. If you're interested, please call to schedule a meeting.

We don't ask for much experience, but we'd prefer that you have some.

Phone Numbers:

Joel (909)874-2603
Bryon (909)874-9752

Email: HurleyLoser@msn.com

AOL Screen Name: HurleyLoser